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Trans Siberian Railway Odyssey

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The world’s longest railway journey is also arguably its greatest; an odyssey not be rushed, but savoured by cruising across the continents in your own opulent train with plenty of revealing sidetrips. Built at enormous expense as a way to unify and defend Russia’s rambling Imperial Empire, the Trans-Siberian railway was finally connected near the Chinese border in 1916 and when completed it broke all the record books. 10,000km in all, crossing eight time zones, calling into fifteen major cities and taking in a plethora of sights, it succeeded in transforming one of the world’s last great frontier wildernesses and creating one of the most enthralling of all great train journeys.
On this epic Railway Adventure, your special train the Tsar’s Gold tour will take you deep into the heart of Russia, the country Winston Churchill called “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” You will experience first-hand the glories of an old-world empire that has a foot in both European and Asian culture. This grand tour will treat you to the best of the old and the comfort and convenience of the new as you travel through some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes and a fascinating mix of Asian and European cities in grand style.

  • Travel along the famous panoramic route of the Trans-Siberian Railway along the shores of the scenic Lake Baikal, and appreciate the beauty of fantastic untouched natural landscapes with green valleys and high mountains, and rich flora and fauna
    Witness a horseback-riding demonstration, Naadam Games and other cultural experiences in Mongolia
  • A full day dedicated entirely to enjoying the blissful Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world, hailed as the ‘Blue Eye of Siberia’
  • Enjoy a traditional bread and salt welcoming ceremony in Novosibirsk to help you fully embrace the rich Siberian culture
  • Travel through the captivating Siberian villages, straight out of a fairy-tale, with their traditional wooden houses and Russian Orthodox churches
  • Enjoy vodka tasting with traditional Russian dishes, including red caviar
  • Enjoy a freedom-of-choice program, with flexible excursions, sightseeing and citytours of Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Moscow, Russia’s proud capital
  • Witness the grandeur of Moscow, exploring St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and the KGB Headquarters
  • Stay one night in a yurt in Mongolia, and 3 nights in an opulent five-star hotel in Moscow
  • Choose an option to begin your journey with a stay in a fabulous five-star hotel in Beijing, and/or extend your journey to the magical city of St Petersburg
  • Per Person: $ 13,985
  • Single Supplement: $ 4,875
  • DATE
  • 29 Jul 2019 - 13 Aug 2019
  • Journey with guaranteed lodging in the booked category aboard the special private train, the Tsar’s Gold, from Ulaanbaatar to Moscow
  • 3 nights in a top-range hotel in Moscow, as well as 2 nights in mid-range hotels in Ulaanbaatar, one night in Irkutsk and one night in a traditional Mongolian yurt
  • Meals as specified in the program (B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner), including fine dining in the dining car and local specialties
  • All transport mentioned in the itinerary
  • All excursions and sightseeing listed in the itinerary, including all entry fees
  • Excellent service and a three-guide system: head guide, group leader and local guides, as well as your Australian host
  • Porter service at all railway stations
  • Entertainment and culture: daily instruction on the country, people and customs
  • Airport transfers and tips and gratuities