Himalayan Railway Adventures

Come aboard this grand tour of one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating cultures on a collection of world heritage-listed railways that forge their way into the spectacular landscapes of the Himalayan Mountains. Since its humble beginnings in 1854, the Indian Railways have become one of the largest and longest in the world and with 1.6 million on the payroll, it’s also one of the world’s largest employers. For travellers in India, the railway is a window to their culture and character, the lifeblood of the nation that is used by almost every Indian regularly in all manner of trains, from rustic non-reserved travelling slums to ultra-luxury palaces on wheels and the delightful little ‘Toy Trains’ that climb the impossibly routed railways up to the old colonial ‘hill stations’ of Northern India.

New Zealand by Rail, Road and Sea

New Zealand has enjoyed a rail renaissance in recent years with large investments being made into new rolling stock, upgraded track and better on-board services. This has helped elevate it to a rail travel Mecca. There are also vibrant heritage train and vintage transport operations all over this great country and so, you have the ideal destination for rail and culture travelling. On this all-encompassing adventure, you are treated to some of the best rail, road, and water journeys to be had anywhere in the world. And you can be assured that the destinations at the end of the line are as superb as the journey getting there. There are highlights galore on this classic adventure and chartering our own trains at Glenbrook, Weka Pass and Timaru will be very special outings as will our time at the historic Ferrymead Heritage Park just south of Christchurch on the glorious South Island. It was here in 1863 that a short section of broad-gauge track was opened to the public and the story of one of the world’s most interesting railway systems began.

Swiss Alpine Adventure by Rail

Switzerland’s vertical landscape has long attracted romantics and travellers. The railway revolution of the nineteenth century saw little trains daring to ascend the highest peaks by ingenious and inventive methods of engineering, making some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery accessible to all.

Train travel is central to Swiss life, and its rail network is one of the most efficient, and easily the most patronised network per head of population in the world. This finely-tuned adventure, led by your experienced Switzerland expert Chris Harding, will take you through the heart of the Alps to explore a wonderful mix of the country’s key historical, cultural and scenic destinations.

Wonders of Corsica and Sardinia By Rail, Road & Sea

In the heart of the Mediterranean lie two fascinating islands, characterised by wild and mountainous scenery, multi-layered histories, rich cultures and a wonderful collection of extraordinary little railways. Heritage, narrow-gauge, local and private trains ply their way through these rugged landscapes, past hill-hugging mountain villages, along dramatic coasts and into historic character-filled cities.

Come aboard this fascinating journey to discover what makes these central Mediterranean islands so unique. Corsica, reached by ferry from the mainland, is blessed with a stunning contoured coastline, remote valleys and villages, a vibrant culinary scene and a captivating crossisland mountain railway. The ancient and weather-worn landscapes of Sardinia are the backdrop for the next island adventure, which uses a mix of regular and privately-chartered heritage trains. Experience its mountainous heart, emerald sea coasts, cliff-hugging forts and towns, and a fiercely independent culture.

Our tour of Sardinia gives you the chance to travel over every open railway line on the island, both standard and narrow-gauge, and includes the two new tramway systems. Corsica, the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean is also called “The island of beauty,” a veritable mountain rising out of the sea and an island of strong character. We begin our adventure in Pisa, a town that draws its fame from an architectural project gone wrong, but now boasts a vibrant university scene dotted with Romanesque buildings and Gothic churches.

Scandinavia by Rail, Road and Sea

There’s nothing like mid-summer in Scandinavia, when the sun shines all night and the locals come out to play. It’s an ideal time to visit and take a journey on a variety of trains, boats and coaches through some of the most astounding landscapes on Earth.

Welcome to a 3,000 km odyssey on some of the world’s most dramatically engineered roads and railways together with a host of mesmerising seaways. Starting in the historic capital of Stockholm, ride the unique Inlandsbanan train through the heart of Sweden to Lapland. Take The Ofoten Line further, to beyond the Arctic Circle, before descending down the northern coast of Norway, cruising the Lofoten Islands by liner.

Join the dramatic Nordland Railway for a trip to the medieval city of Trondheim and travel the Rauma and Flam Railways on a breathtaking trip through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, en route to the storybook cities of Ǻlesund and Bergen. Finally, traverse the alpine tundra on Norway’s highest railway and enjoy a fitting finale in its compact and charismatic capital, Oslo. Scandinavia is quite simply “a once in a lifetime destination”.

Sri Lanka Art and Culture tour on the Viceroy Special

Step aboard the famous Viceroy Special for a unique rail adventure through the mountains, coast and Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. On this private train tour exploring the history, art and culture of this stunning country.

Off-limits for decades, Sri Lanka is again open for business. With its reputation as a destination bursting with colour and variety, it’s back on the radar of discerning travellers. The country’s remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, misty mountains and captivating cultural heritage is made all the more accessible by its compact size.

Thanks to its colonial history of settlement by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, and centuries of trade with Arab, Chinese and Malay merchants, overlaid by its main religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, Sri Lanka boasts eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, rich traditions, colourful festivals and exotic cuisine.

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    Accreditations: A14416
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