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Australia’s wild west took an upward and progressive turn when the completion of the great Trans-Continental Railway in 1917 connected the Commonwealth’s largest state with the rest of the nation. No longer did travellers have to undertake an arduous sea voyage – this new, comfortable and very direct route became the foundation for a vibrant tourism industry that has gone from strength to strength.

The West has always seen itself as different to the rest of Australia, partly due to its size and isolation but also due to its unique and entrepreneurial character. Wide open landscapes of rich grazing and wheat country, towering forests of Karri and Jarrah, frontier gold mining towns carving some of the world’s richest lodes, magnificent islands, coastlines and beaches, verdant wine lands and sparkling, booming cities draw the curious traveller in droves.

On this railway adventure, we’ll tick all these boxes and more as we explore these highlights by a variety of train and coach, enjoying great hotels and fine food and wine along the way, all in the company of your experienced tour leader and other like-minded travellers.

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