Rocky Mountain High

The scenery of the American west has been the backdrop for legends and stories from the times of the Native Americans right through to modern day Hollywood’s love obsession with this spectacular landscape. Monument Valley for instance has appeared in no less than 80 films and TV shows and that’s on top of the Marlboro Man galloping past the towering mesas to the rousing anthem of the Magnificent Seven. There was every reason for Forest Gump to end his cross-country run at this spot because nothing seems to sum up the America West more than these wondrous natural castles adorned in rusty red. At the heart of our adventure is this iconic setting and throughout a further variety of astounding views from the jaw-dropping vastness of the Grand Canyon to the soaring heights of the Rocky Mountains. When you add an old steam train, or a heritage Pullman Diesel, into these epic landscapes you really are capturing the atmosphere of another age.

Accreditations: A14416
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