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Chris Harding

Chris Harding

Chris Harding has carried an interest in railways since he was a small boy. His high school was near a major railway line, and he loved to spend time after school watching the parade of freight and passenger trains.

He joined the Bank of NSW in 1966, where he progressed through the ranks, including service in London with the International Division. After 30 years in the finance industry Chris turned his attention back to his passion, working with the heritage steam locomotive 3801, and later, managing the Railway Bookshop on Sydney’s Central station.

Chris followed with interest his friend Scott McGregor’s Railway Adventures, and made an offer to put together a Swiss Rail tour for Scott – little realising that it would lead to him to becoming a guide for the company– something that he has enjoyed doing ever since.

Chris is a past president of the Australian Railway Historical Society, and often appears on radio and television as the society’s media representative.

His other interest in paleontology has now been developed into our Dinosaur Discovery Tour.

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