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Hello, I’m Scott McGregor, Founder and CEO of Railway Adventures and this is the Railway Adventures story.

I’ve loved trains since I was a kid. First it was just the sheer Wow! factor ( … the wow factor OR the “Wow!” factor) of being perched on my Dad’s back, watching a great steam train charging down the line. Then it was an appreciation for the variety of rail transport options, locomotives, rail gauges and so on, which became a fascination with how rail changed the course of world history. Travelling to and from boarding school on the Mudgee Mail for a few years gave me a real sense of how long-distance train travel fostered a convivial and active social environment. I was hooked!

In the early 1980’s, when I was barely in my 20’s, I started building my Mudgee rural retreat, Ruwenzori, out of a collection of vintage railway carriages. This gave me a whole new perspective on rail heritage and access to knowledge about where to find vintage railway memorabilia and furniture on a large scale, leading to me opening Off the Rails in Sydney, which quickly became one of Australia’s best-known stores for rail-related antiques, memorabilia and oddities. Around this time, I was invited to lead what would become my first railway-themed tour, The Antipodean Renaissance Express.

During this time, I was also building what turned out to be a pretty successful acting and presenting career and was lucky enough to host a couple of series of TV documentaries about great train journeys – some of you may remember them! This really paved the way for tour leading, and a few well-known travel companies got me on board to host tours now and then and I started leading small groups of like-minded people around the world, getting on and off a variety of trains. (A little awkward. Perhaps ‘train-hopping our way around the world. ?) Heaven!

Fast forward a few years and I decided to turn what had become a truly enjoyable part-time hobby, “getting paid to do what I love”, into a more substantial commitment to spear-heading great rail journeys. I launched “Scott McGregor’s Railway Adventures,” a travel and touring company dedicated to rail-themed adventures around the world.

Railway Adventures across Australia is still the most wonderful way to immerse yourself in the country you are visiting. It is romantic, relaxing and about as much fun as you can have! A Railway Adventures tour is more than just a holiday. It is a unique experience you will never forget and, judging by our repeat adventurers, want to do repeatedly.

I hope to see you down the line.

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