10 Reasons to visit Mudgee

If you’ve been there already, you’ll know culinary passion runs deep, with Mudgee now a household name among foodies across Australia. For those yet to visit, read on because we have 10 reasons why you must round up your friends for the perfect weekend getaway.

  1. Not exactly sure where the Mudgee Region is? It’s closer and easier to get to than you think. Located around 270km north-west of Sydney.
  2. Did you know Mudgee is the third largest grape-producing region in NSW? Well now you do and there’s an abundance of choice!
  3. It’s no surprise this beautiful region is home to a multitude of award-winning wines. Think Huntington Estate, Robert Oatley, Robert Stein Winery, Bunnamagoo, Lowe Wines and Petersons Wines to name a few.
  4. Home to over 40 family-owned cellar doors, the hardest choice will be which cellar door to visit first.
  5. With good wine, you need great food and the Mudgee Region is home to a range of restaurants, cafes, wine bars and pub grub proudly boasting local produce menus. Our top recommendation would be: The Zin House is a country restaurant situated on a large expanse of certified organic/biodynamic farmland and Lowe family vineyards in the Mudgee wine region. They grow much of their own food and focus primarily on showcasing this produce and providing a dining experience that nurtures their guests.
  1. You’ll be surrounded by breathtaking natural attractions. Mudgee has a rich pastoral history reflected in its heritage streetscapes which are wide and tree-lined, just as you would imagine a refined country town to look like.
  2. By now you’re probably wondering where you should rest your head. From Hotels to Glamping, B&B’s to campsites there is accommodation to suit everyone’s budget. The Parklands Resort is our 4*choice.
  3. You’ll be shopping like a local between Mudgee’s markets. From Produce to Makers, Arts to Craft there is a market to suit everyone. Make sure you check out what date the market is on before you come.
  4. The last thing you’ll need to do is plan your trip and Visit Mudgee have got you covered. Take a peruse of their website and add to your trip planner as you go.
  5. If reason 1 to 9 didn’t convince you, then head over to Visit Mudgee’s Instagram to get a real glimpse of this picturesque country paradise.

Gather your friends and join me, Scott McGregor, a true Mudgee local for an unforgettable rail experience on our private cruise train weekend extravaganza – an all-inclusive escape to Mudgee, an award-winning regional destination. Anzac Day long weekend, 23 – 25 April 2022. More details here: https://railwayadventures.travel/tours/mudgee-weekend-escape-anzac-day/

Mudgee is also home to Ruwenzori Retreat. This unique train carriage accommodation provides exclusive, secluded, and fully self-contained accommodation just outside of Mudgee. More details here: https://stayinatrain.com/

See you in Mudgee!

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