By Tim Maeder


1. Avoid traffic congestions:

Even with modern GPS systems, driving in Europe can be a nightmare. Congested roads, the seeming lack of road rules in some countries and the anxiety of self-navigation all add up to stress that you don’t need on a holiday

2. Better for designated drivers:

One piece of feedback we often receive is that it is much more enjoyable for the driver, who often misses scenery because they are focused on the road

3. Journey into the scenery:

Another reason that seasoned travellers opt for rail is that Europe seems to have more “wonders” per square metre than most other continents. Railway tracks often take you into that scenery, rather than past it on a busy autobahn or highway. A great example is travelling in alpine regions. Tracks that slowly wind their way around mountains offer breathtaking views for hours on end. European trains have ultra large windows to make the most of these views, whether it is a flower-studded field in spring or a glacial valley in winter.

4. Save money and time:

At a major city destination, there’s no need to hunt for parking and fork out for the expensive fees that are levied. Instead, your train drops you at the most central point of a city, close to a variety of hotels, and the money you save on parking can be spent on a delicious dinner in a delightful European restaurant.

5. Meet new people:

Car travel can also be very isolating, while the laidback pace of scenic rail journeys lends itself to conversation with fellow travellers. Or you might hit it off with friendly locals who are usually more than happy to offer good advice on sights to see and places to dine that guide books often overlook

6. Fast, efficient travel:

If you need to get somewhere fast, high speed express trains are much faster than road travel, yet they have the space and character that air travel lacks.

7. Unbeatable class:

Those that yearn for the romantic days of rail can choose from many older world options, with silver service and gilded fittings such as you will find on the famous Orient Express, for a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence and many unforgettable memories

8. Overnight travel:

Overnight journeys let you get from one destination to another while you sleep – and you save on accommodation costs for that night. Waking up to see new countryside from your cabin while you enjoy a wake-up coffee is an unforgettable experience.

9. Enjoying the ride:

Finally, knowing that your journey is pre-booked and fully planned allows you to fully relax and “enjoy the ride”.

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