Heritage Train Tour Leaders Q & A with Bob Daniel

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I live on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales and have been in travel and tourism for most of my life. I owned and operated my own coach companies, travel agencies and tour businesses at different times. These days I own Guidepost Tours & Travel, an online and wholesale travel business representing special interest tour operators around the world. I am also heavily involved with Heritage Rail Groups in New South Wales, qualified in Rail Safety and Track Awareness for mainline train tours and travel regularly on steam and diesel tours as train manager and in other capacities. I regularly travel by rail on local trains throughout Southeast Asia and many other countries, discovering how the spread of rail routes has led to the development and enhancement of culture and life in both rural communities and cities.

  1. What attracted you to the love of train travel?

I have been interested in trains longer than I can remember. My father engineered the construction of many the famous Australian trains during the 50’s and 60’s, including the Southern Aurora and The Sunlander. Seeing the construction of these mighty trains leaves a lasting impression and creates a life-long fascination.

  1. Favourite country in the world and why?

My favourite countries are Thailand and Indonesia. Away from the main tourist locations like Bali and Phuket, Indochina and Southeast Asia have such a rich history going back over a thousand years where dynasties and cultures have blended and changed leaving a magnificent heritage to explore. Hidden away in so many countries across the region are magnificent, pristine locations from the Islands in the east of Indonesia, around the Gulf of Thailand, to the mountains of Laos and Yunnan. The people are always most welcoming, easy going and friendly wherever you go.

  1. Where haven’t you visited but is on the bucket list?

Having a fierce inquisitive nature, I am keen to visit Iran, Tajikistan and North Korea, those elusive destinations that always seem to be in a different direction to where you are travelling to.

  1. How long have you worked with Railway Adventures?

I have worked with Railway Adventures since Scott started the business in 2012/13

  1. Your Favourite Railway Adventures Tour?

“Across Java by Rail”

  1. Your most memorable Railway Adventures Tour?

Icons of England & Wales and Across Java by Rail, two totally different experiences.

  1. What is your favourite international cuisine?

Thai is my favourite cuisine, but it must be the “thai” thai, nice and spicy.

  1. What are your top 5 packing essentials?

Camera, hat, guidebook (online these days), laptop and comfortable shoes.

  1. Tell us why you love your job

I love my job because it allows me to indulge my passions and share them with other people. I believe travel broadens our outlook on life and inspires us to see, taste and try new things. It challenges us to explore new surroundings, to embrace adventures as they come along, to engage with different people, and to appreciate our country and the world we live in.

Scott McGregor’s Railway Adventures tour is more than just a holiday, it is a unique way to experience the world. By train you are completely immersed in culture and adventure, exploring the most scenic corners of the world in the comfort of a luxury train. Whether you are an experienced traveller or just beginning to explore this wonderful world, Railway Adventures has something for everyone. Transform your holiday into the most unforgettable adventure of a lifetime with Railway Adventures.

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