Meet Scott McGregor, Owner and Managing Director of Railway Adventures

Well known TV personality, travel company owner and avid train traveller, Scott McGregor has made documentaries about trains, travelled on some of the world’s most inspiring railway lines and led scores of exclusive group adventures to numerous unique local and international destinations over the years.

“Rustic, character-filled, zig-zagging railways of Burma, opulent hotels on wheels in India South Africa and Sri Lanka, steam-hauled heritage trains in some of the most staggeringly scenic parts of the world, dinky little rail-cars in outback Queensland, bullet trains in Japan, cliff-hugging lines in Switzerland and Norway—if it travels on a rail track, I’m there!”, exclaims self-confessed train travel tragic, Scott McGregor. “In my mind, travelling by rail is still the most wonderful way to immerse yourself in the country you’re visiting. It’s romantic, relaxing and about as much fun as you can have!”.

Aa a child of the last days of steam trains in the busy junction town of Orange, NSW; trains heading in all directions offering temptations and dreams of faraway places, left an indelible impression on a young, inquisitive boy and Scott has been riding the rails in one form or another ever since. While Scott’s acting career of 30 years kept him busy starring in numerous TV shows and stage plays and then as an on-air presenter on programs such as

Better Homes and Gardens, Room for Improvement and various pay-TV programs, his passion for railway tours was ever-present. “Presenting a series of Railway Adventure travel programs for Channel 7 was a career highlight”, he says with as much enthusiasm now as he had then.

In 2012 Scott decided to combine three of his passions; travel, trains and presenting, and launched Railway Adventures. Not only does he get to expand his own horizons and indulge his love of train travel, but he also gets to use his extensive hosting experience and love of people to lead other like-minded travellers on escorted train tours around the world. Since then, Railway Adventures has mounted more than 100 tours from Sweden to Sri Lanka,

Tasmania to Transylvania, Britain to Burma and Venice to Vietnam, thrilling thousands of travellers. New tours are launched regularly, inspired by new trains, new routes, and the growing interest in taking a train to some of the world’s most fascinating places. But you don’t have to be a train ‘nut’ to enjoy a Railway Adventures tour – there’s something for everyone!

And while doing all this, he managed to find the time and energy to create his own unique personal rail retreat and amass one of the most extensive rail memorabilia collections in the country. Ruwenzori Retreat, a collection of beautifully restored vintage railway carriages located atop the Great Dividing Range just outside Mudgee also operates as boutique tourist accommodation. Comprising exclusive Orient Express style comfort for up to 13 guests, the ‘single hire’ policy ensures that whoever is there gets the whole place exclusively to themselves. A very special treat. “When the travels are done, coming back to my own train in the beautiful Mudgee mountains is the most restorative and magical time for this committed rail romantic”, Scott says.

uwenzori Retreat – Built in 1899 as a premiere passenger car for the main intercity routes, the “Pullman” has been luxuriously remodelled to sleep up to six people.
Ruwenzori Retreat – The view from the State car across the Great Dividing Range, Mudgee

With international travel off the agenda for the time being, Scott is focused on providing exciting tours within Australia, which have been hugely popular. With Mudgee being so close to his heart, he puts on an incredibly special weekend twice a year. The Mudgee Weekend Escape by Private Heritage Train departs from Sydney and ticks all the boxes for a fun and relaxing time to meet new friends and sample some of the region’s incredible food and wine. On the privately chartered retro restored Capertee Valley Explorer, you’ll be treated to a leisurely 3 course lunch with wine tasting in the delightful heritage dining cars, all whilst watching the stunning scenery of the Blue Mountains go by.

And to round off the weekend, you’ll get to enjoy spectacular sunset cocktails and VIP access at Runwenzori, hosted b

Capertee Valley Explorer (Credit Genevieve Whalesong)

Apart from the obvious joy of seeing a country by train, travelling in a group of like-minded travellers with a dedicated, experienced tour leader and knowledgeable, local guides is what really sets Railway Adventures apart. “The camaraderie that comes from both shared purpose and shared experiences on tour is an important aspect of the journey” Scott adds.

“We’ve seen many people become life-long friends from the time they shared together along the line. The best feeling in the world is when I welcome these same people on repeat journeys”.

For further information please Contact Railway Adventures on 1300 800 977

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