The best-guided train tours in Australia for seniors

By the time we hit 60, we have entered the golden age of our lives where we have both the money and the maturity to take life seriously, but never ourselves. Too often people start thinking that they are too old to travel once they turn 60. Let us tell you that age is just a number and you should never stop exploring the world no matter how old you are.

Travelling by rail is best suited for seniors as it offers a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

In today’s day and age, some seniors tend to have health-related concerns which restrict them from travelling. But, do you know that going travelling can actually prevent a lot of health problems?

Yes, seniors have the best travel experiences on train tours in Australia as they don’t have to worry about taking care of their kids or deal with work-related stress. They can simply enjoy the company of fellow travellers by being part of our small group tours for seniors.

Railway Adventures provides some of the best tours for seniors to view Australia’s scenic beauty from the window of a train.

You can immerse yourself in South Australia on a short but thorough 8 day trip on an exclusive private tour on the famous Pichi Richi Railway from Quorn to Woolshed Flat.

Our guided tours will make you not want the holiday to end. Your tour leader will be the extremely knowledgeable Phillip Mackenzie who has a lifelong passion for rail and maritime history, as well as colonial architecture.

He’ll take you on an adventure to see the Flinders Ranges, the Fleurieu Peninsula, Port Augusta, Adelaide and beyond. You will be left mesmerized by the rust-coloured landscape of the Flinders Ranges and lush green hills of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Or you could go for a completely different experience!
We have a special tour coming up to Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales from 23rd October to 30th October.
It is an 8 day tour with Mike Condon who will take you on a beautiful adventure to explore cities, towns, award-winning museums, old country mansions, wineries, and Australia’s most interesting railway museums.
On this tour, you will embark on a steam train journey in Swanbank and Warwick. You will get a chance to see historic homesteads in Armidale and Tenterfield. Railway enthusiasts are in for a real treat as they ride in a private vintage carriage to experience the vast majesty rural Australia has to offer.

Holidays for seniors at Railway Adventures are exhilarating! You don’t have to worry about the comfort factor as our tours all include a luxurious chartered coach and centrally located accommodations. These 8 days will be the best days of your life.

Have you always wanted to explore the place you call home but never had the time to do so? Well, better late than never! Our website has details about the top 10 tours for seniors that will give you a chance to make countless memories:
Stay young at heart and book a tour today.

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