Railway Adventures – Heritage Train Tour Leaders Q & A’s with Hayley Anderson

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?
    I now live in Balmain, Sydney. I have worked as a tour leader (for over 17 years) around Australia, NZ and many places overseas as well as having lived in several different countries and ‘free-travelled’ to many others.
  2. What attracted you to the love of train travel?
    Relaxing, room to move and stroll around. No weaving through traffic, view is often different from the road and some interesting places and spectacular views are often only accessible by rail. Love overnight train travel – there is something exciting about rolling through the night and not knowing exactly where you are, especially in foreign places!
  3. Favourite country in the world and why?
    Too many all for different reasons but I’ll name a few – Madagascar because there is nowhere else like it and the people are wonderful – same sentiments for Mongolia. Cuba for the joie de vivre, people & and the spontaneity of their music and dancing.  Kenya for wildlife and Greece for a hundred reasons.  You see – I can’t choose!
  4. Where haven’t you visited but is on the bucket list?
    Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, Botswana and Ethiopia (when they stop killing each other!).
  5. How long have you worked with Railway Adventures?
    Three years
  6. Your Favourite Railway Adventures Tour?
    Vietnam by private train.
  7. Your most memorable Railway Adventures Tour?
    Definitely Vietnam!
  8. What is your favourite international cuisine?
    Fresh fish from the Mediterranean and good Australian wines.
  9. What are your top 5 packing essentials?
    Sarong (useful for so many things), swimmers, 4WD sandals, camera and first aid pharmaceuticals (antibiotics etc).
  10. Tell us why you love your job
    Different places and a diversity of people always inspire if we are open to the experiences. Anywhere away from your normal environment is a learning experience, especially when there is an educational element and a chance to meet not just a variety of people on tour but also the locals whether it is in your own country or overseas. Travel broadens the mind and for me, travelling like this is fun, rewarding and fulfils a great passion.Hayley tour leads on Western Australia – Rail, road and wildflowers. She also joins the team on the Mudgee Weekend Escape and Wings & Wheels by Private Train.


Scott McGregor’s Railway Adventures tour is more than just a holiday, it is a unique way to experience the world. By train you are completely immersed in culture and adventure, exploring the most scenic corners of the world in the comfort of a luxury train. Whether you are an experienced traveller or just beginning to explore this wonderful world, Railway Adventures has something for everyone. Transform your holiday into the most unforgettable adventure of a lifetime with Railway Adventures.
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