NSW very own World Heritage site – Lake Mungo National Park

Explore one of the world’s most significant archaeological sites and see where Mungo Man was discovered in this World Heritage-listed national park

You won’t see many landscapes on Earth quite like Mungo National Park. A chain of dried-up lake beds and sand dunes make up this archaeological wonderland, isolated, lunar landscape rich in natural beauty.

Mungo National Park is so unlike anywhere else in Australia you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived on Mars. The must-see spots are located on the outskirts of the waterless and ancient Mungo Lake that sits within the national park and is part of the greater Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area. The lake has not contained water for around 18,000 years.

The park is home to Mungo Lady (also called Mungo Woman) and Mungo Man, which are likely to be the most significant human remains ever discovered in Australia. At 42,000 years old, these burials are some of the oldest remains of modern humans found outside of Africa. You can’t help but feel the Aboriginal culture and history as you wander the open expanses.

Mungo Lady and Mungo Man are particularly special to their Aboriginal descendants who still live around the Willandra Lakes area. Today the  three traditional owner groups the Paakantji,Ngiyampaa and Mutthi Mutthi share their Country with visitors of Mungo National Park.

Located in far western New South Wales, Lake Mungo mesmerises visitors with its otherworldly beauty and astounding ancient history. It has set the scene for megafauna, for meeting tribes, and for some of the world’s most incredible archaeological finds.

When you visit Mungo National Park, take a tour with an experienced NPWS Aboriginal Discovery guide back in time on the famous Walls of China. While it’s 14,000 years since water filled Lake Mungo, the 33-kilometre (21-mile) chain of white dunes that once surrounded it is a feast for the imagination. This breathtaking lunar landscape is accessible on foot. The Walls of China Boardwalks are open to public access, however, access beyond the boardwalk is available only with a tour. See where rain has washed away the soft sand and mud, creating characteristic ridges and cracks. Don’t miss the sunset spectacular when the striking chain turns yellow, orange and deep wine-red.

Due to the amazing findings here, it’s fair to say that Mungo National Park proves that a deep cultural and spiritual system had developed in early humans, but for all its importance, it’s still wildly and delightfully off the beaten track.

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