Tour Leader

Kevin Pollard

Kevin has worked in the travel industry in Australia and overseas for 25 years and has travelled to over 100 countries worldwide. At Railway Adventures, he works in product design but has experience in business development and tour operations. Kevin spent two years living in Switzerland running his own travel company and has led cultural and adventure tours to over 60 countries since 2000. In between working in travel, he travelled the world for almost two years, spending a great deal of time in the Middle East and North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Central Asia, China and Russia where he was lucky enough to ride the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, The Orient Express, Shinkansen bullet trains in Japan and many trains elsewhere. Kevin also has a passion for football and has researched, designed and led over 20 football fan tours to five World Cups and other major tournaments over the last 18 years. His great life adventure was when he rode almost 6,000kms on his mountain bike throughout 12 countries in Europe over a 5-month period in 1998!

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